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About Us

About Us

Warblr is a one stop Web Design, Photography and Film shop founded by Chris & Natasja Mearns in 2005. Our original location is in beautiful North Vancouver, B.C, a place we are fortunate enough to call our home town. In 2016, after spending time in Southern Saskatchewan, we fell in love with the Prairies and opened a second location in Weyburn, Sk. Warblr is a true Concept Design Studio. Our goal is to save our clients time and money by offering a complete service and bespoke solution for each individual need.

After years spent in both corporate and start up environments, the Mearns’ wanted to do what they do best: work together.

Chris is a Computer Science major, with an artist’s heart. He has the unique ability to fully grasp the technical and seamlessly translate it into something beautiful – whether that be a logo, website, promotional film or family photo session. Natasja’s background is in Marketing and Sales Mangement. She has a sharp eye and sharp wit to match. He’s the head, she’s the hair.

Together with our talented teams in North Vancouver and Weyburn, we enthusiastically work with all manner of clients and budgets. The focus is on getting the most bang for your buck and having fun in the process. We love what we do, the great people we work with and the two thriving communities that we are privileged to be a part of.

We look forward to working with you!