How to Set a Marketing Budget for Your Business

March 14, 2023

As a business owner, you know that marketing is essential to growing your brand and attracting customers. But it can be overwhelming to determine how much to spend on marketing and where to allocate your resources.

One general guide is to use your gross revenue as a starting point. For businesses marketing to other businesses, consider allocating around 5% of your gross revenue to marketing efforts. If you’re marketing to consumers, you may want to allocate closer to 10%. However, keep in mind that these are just guidelines, and you should research your industry standards and consider your target audience when determining your marketing budget.

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Setting a budget

Once you have determined your marketing budget, the next step is to find a marketing partner who can help you use it effectively. One excellent choice is Warblr Marketing, a Vancouver-based agency that uses a subscription model that fits to your set budget. This makes it easy to manage your marketing expenses and ensures that your efforts are focused on the most effective channels and tactics for your target audience.

Using Warblr Marketing gives you an expert guide on how to spend those precious resources in the most effective way. They offer a full set of services to fill whatever needs the strategy dictates, including social media management, SEO, PPC advertising, email marketing, and more. With Warblr Marketing, you can create a customized marketing plan that fits your specific business needs and budget, and manage your expectations accordingly.

By working with a marketing partner like Warblr Marketing, you can achieve success and grow your brand in the competitive Vancouver market. Their subscription model ensures that the costs are regular, predictable and affordable, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Maximizing Your Marketing Budget in Vancouver

Setting a marketing budget requires careful consideration and planning. By using your gross revenue as a guide, researching your industry standards, and considering your target audience and available marketing channels, you can create a budget and strategy that fits your business needs and goals. And, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure, consider working with a trusted marketing partner like Warblr Marketing to help you navigate the complex world of marketing and achieve success.


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