HSBC iPhone Application

July 4, 2011

HSBC is the largest bank in the world. It is present in 82 countries, with 300,000 employees, and over 100 Million customers.

In 2008 the iPhone introduced a big change to the Mobile Computing Environment. Until then a phone was little more than a phone. However, we saw glimpses of a time when our phone would be so much more.

We thought about what this could mean for Mobile Banking. Making secure transactions on a whim. Paying bills in seconds. Checking balances with a glance at your phone.

We didn’t waste any time. In 2008 Warblr worked with HSBC to conceptualize a Mobile Banking Application. The goal was to take full advantage of these new technologies. We saw the impact it would make in our own life – not just our customers!

The concept was a great success. It has since been used as a model for the global HSBC Mobile Banking solution. Millions of customers are now enjoying a new paradigm of banking.

It is difficult trying to keep up with technology these days. Don’t worry. It’s our passion and our responsibility. We love it. Let us put our expertise to work for you.  We will station your Company on the bleeding edge of technology.  All you have to do is envision leaving the competition behind….


Warblr Invented UX Marketing

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