Computer Troubleshooters

Computer Troubleshooters is a global franchise of Technology Support Specialists present in 24 countries.

In Vancouver, Computer Troubleshooters came to Warblr for help establishing their local presence. Using a Content Management System, Warblr set Computer Troubleshooters up for success.

The Content Management System enabled Computer Troubleshooters to keep their website fresh and relevant to their customers. All this could be done in-house, eliminating the time and expense of contracting Professional Web Developers for each update.

Many of our clients appreciate the freedom they get when using a Content Management System. It allows them to make edits and updates to their website on the fly – even when mobile! Frequent updates, even little ones, result in greater search engine optimization.  Now their website becomes special. It’s not just a brochure that slowly goes stale as the years go by.

The Internet is a living, breathing organism. So is your business. Ask Warblr about Content Management. A hands on approach to your website is a huge key to your on-line success.


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July 2, 2011