BodyCo Fitness

August 30, 2013

Announcing the launch of A New Era for Fitness Club Websites (No more ’90’s throwbacks!)

Warblr is excited to announce the launch of BodyCo is an amazing full service, big hearted Personal Training facility on the beautiful North Shore. People of all ages and backgrounds train at BodyCo and claim they would never go anywhere else. With hundreds of Gyms to choose from, BodyCo is truly unique. It offers an intimate, non intimidating and positive experience for everyone from golden agers to high performance athletes. Unfortunately, their old site did not capture that all important “je ne sais quoi”.

FORTUNATELY, BodyCo realized it was time for a change and approached Warblr for some help. BodyCo wanted to modernize and establish itself online as the community based, fun loving club that truly is.

First things first. Warblr embarked on a little research project to see what was already out there in terms of fitness club websites. We were shocked and frankly a bit saddened by the plethora of over designed, tacky, nearly impossible to navigate sites that seem to be common in this industry. Well, we figured the ’90’s have long past and BodyCo was brave and ready for the new frontier! In a total website re vamp (nothing but the domain name leftover) Warblr took this site from sad to glad. From conceptual design, to content, to photography, got the full meal Warblr deal.

The result is a clean, modern, inviting space to be proud of. sets the precedent for a successful Fitness club in the 21st century.

The feedback has been amazing. BodyCo loyalists are thrilled with the update and the site is getting more hits than ever.

Check it out!


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