HSBC Business Account Opening

July 2, 2011

HSBC is the largest bank in the world. It is present in 82 countries, with 300,000 employees, and over 100 Million customers.

In the last few years, HSBC has been taking an initiative to make those 82 countries more united in the processes and tools that they use. Since each country and business unit has its own set of laws and regulations, this was a challenging task.

One core process requiring attention was Account Opening for their Commercial Customers. Business Account Opening is a very high priority because the majority of wealth is held in businesses. Businesses have specific and diverse needs.  How could those needs be met on an individual basis?

This 2 year project involved a great deal of user research. It was challenging to determine the correct balance between customer wants (simplicity), bank requirements (complex) and security requirements (cumbersome). Since Customer experience is about putting focus on the customer, we had to challenge the status quo: make the process customer centric rather than bank centric. After all, most people hate forms. We do!  Business Banking Applications are some of the longest forms around….

By streamlining the account opening process, and ensuring only capture of necessary information, without jargon, HSBC has a globally tried and tested solution. As they adopts this process over the next few years, HSBC is confident that this will capture greater market share.

Customer experience is essential to good business.  Let us help you reach your customers as never before.


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